Neumann VMS-70

Since these vital machines have not been made for 35 years, this means each cutting lathe has a unique and mysterious history. Imagine any of your favorite records...Thriller, After the Goldrush, Loaded, Raw Power...all of that music passed through a cutting lathe to “get it on wax” for the first time. Well Made Music is proud to own 2 Neumann cutting lathes. One was first sold to ABC studios in 1974. This means that perhaps great records by the likes of B.B King, Jim Croce and George Clinton may have been cut on that machine. The second machine came from the Netherlands after it had been in London for most of it's life. Could Pink Floyd and David Bowie records been cut on this machine? We will never know, but it is fun to think about!

When the first generation of vinyl faded away in the early 1990s, these machines were left to rust. Some were scrapped and some were sold to Techno and House Djs who learned the art of cutting in order to make their own “dub plates” to use as part of their live performances. In the late 2000s, a small group of people began to see an opportunity as a renewed interest in the vinyl format emerged. This resurgence has become a social phenomenon and while vinyl sales will never achieve huge numbers like “back in the day”, are healthy and growing on a yearly basis.

Clint Holley

Clint Holley is the founder and owner of Well Made Music. In 2009 he saw an opportunity to start a new career and and spent almost 2 years finding a restored lathe and teaching himself the craft of disc mastering. Five years and almost 10,000 records later, Clint brings unparalleled experience to his master cuts.

Clint began a love affair with vinyl when he was 12 years old. His parents would take him to local flea markets and with a few dollars in his pocket and vinyl records going out of style, he was able to bring home stacks and stacks of wax!

Choosing a skilled mastering engineer is important. Although the Neumann cutting lathe is designed to reproduce audio with very little alteration or distortion, every record can present new challenges to get the sound “just right” so the resulting record plays back and sounds good on the huge array of turntables out in the world. Clint and the staff at Well Made Music provide ONLY one service, the transfer of audio to a master disc. We do not dabble in other aspects of audio recording, mixing or mastering. A good friend once suggested that sometimes you should do one thing and do it well. That is why we are called Well Made Music.

Dave Polster

Dave is a vinyl mastering engineer at Well Made Music and a recording engineer based in Cleveland, OH. He received his Bachelor’s Degree in Audio Production from Ohio University and is an active member of the Audio Engineering Society. He has been recording and mastering music for several years and has been fortunate to work alongside some of the brightest minds in the industry.

Dave is a large proponent of vinyl records. He has been collecting vintage LP's for over a decade. Due in part to his experience in the manufacturing end at Gotta Groove Records along with his experience as a vinyl mastering engineer at Well Made Music, Dave has in-depth, first-hand experience in the vinyl record production process. If you ever see a record with a “dP” inscribed near the matrix number between the run-out grooves, you now know where it came from. Dave would be happy to assist in making your vinyl release a success!

Adam Boose

Adam started his career in 2000 at Cleveland, Ohio's A to Z Audio Services, where he learned the finer intricacies of digital mastering for a wide array of styles and formats. In 2007, Adam began work at Iron Mountain Digital Studios in Pennsylvania, where he archived and mastered audio for the Universal, Sony, and Codigo record labels. Concurrently, Adam founded Cauliflower Audio, a high-end mastering facility in Cleveland and grew the studio in his spare time. After 5 successful years as a side business, Adam left Iron Mountain to focus on Cauliflower. It is at this point that he added lacquer cutting to his list of skills, under the guidance of Well Made Music's Clint Holley. Adam currently splits his time mastering records and cutting lacquers at the new headquarters of Well Made Music & Cauliflower Audio at 78th Street Studios.

As head engineer of Cauliflower Audio, Adam has mastered records for The Drums, Dawes, Reggie and the Full Effect, This Town Needs Guns, Los Lobos, and Dean & Britta to name a few. As cutter for Well Made Music, Adam has cut over 600 sides! Some of the artists whose records bear his initials in the runout wax include Guided By Voices, Pedro the Lion, Classixx, John Coltrane, At The Drive In, Psychic TV, Devo, Information Society, Kyuss, and Lee "Scratch" Perry.

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